The Chow on Ninja Assassin

Four minutes. Four minutes from the opening credits to the first person is killed. Either that or he's auditioning for a part as a Canadian on South Park.

Anyways, Ninja Assassin followed action movie laws fairly well. I have no complaints in this department.

* The hero can take more hits than anyone else.

* The hero can shrug off injuries that'd kill a blue whale.

* The Law of Inversely Proportional Badassery. This is where there are more of something, the weaker they are. One ninja = World's Most Prolific and Deadly Killer. 20 ninjas = cannon fodder.

The last law holds true in more serious action movies as well. For example, near the end of in Batman Begins, Batman is threatened by two of Ras al-Ghul's "ninjas". Batman remarks he can take on two of them, Ras calls in "reinforcements." Batman didn't say "I can take two of your goons" because he's cocky, he said it cause he's smart. He knows the Law of Inverse Badassery, and knows those two goons must be tough. So, he tricks Ras to sending more goons, thus instantly causing all the goons to forget years of combat training and making Batman's fight much easier.

-The Chow