Iron Man

(commentary by revlinux & lunchbox)

I want to be Iron Man when I grow up because he is so cool. (drunk all the time) He saves all the nice people (hot blonds) from the bad guys. (but can't save us from high gas prices) Everyone loves Iron Man. (including all 12 MAXIM cover-girls)(December was twins) His suit is all shiny.(oooooh, shiny!) Red is my favorite color. (and by red, he means pink)

Iron Man can fly. I would like to fly. (Sigmund Freud would have something to say about that) Iron Man is really Tony Stark. (shhhhhh! it's a secret) Tony Stark has some really cool cars. (what? no 85-1/2 porsche?) Red cars. Blue Cars. (Chevy Cobalt FTW!) Even cars that have two colors. (Rust not being a color) Tony is (a) smart(ass). He knows all about computers just like me, I can get on all by myself. (with a few hours Tony could get to the moon on his own) Mom says I am smart too.(she would probably wish for a little Ironman herself for mother's day) (here's to hoping)

Tony Stark always has a lot of girls around him, (between, beneath, on top as well) I hope he had his cootie shot! (he's had more than cootie shots, trust me) Obadiah Stane is not a nice guy like Tony Stark. (typical jealous p%&*k) He's a bad guy called Iron Monger. (oh, he is original though) Pepper Potts is nice, for a girl. (I am NOT allergic to that pepper) (bow chicka bow wow!)

Dad says Iron Man is just pretend, (more jealousy) but i don't believe him. (and you shouldn't) He said i need to try to be like a real hero. (dad's contribution to society - "Billions and billions served") Like doo doo head George W. (smart kid) was one of them, Ben Bernangkee (national spelling bee is right out!), or Bill Gates. (but not that pretentious p#$%k Steve Jobs) A good hero is hard to find (kinda like WMD's in Iraq) (and they say Iron Man isn't real) so I still think Iron Man is the best hero ever. (until the sequel, make mine Marvel) (Hellz Yea!)