Paper beats Rock; Muscle beats Import ... every time!

So, I got a message from The Big Stig (Some say he can get you a us, just don't ask how; and at the slightest threat he will separate his saucer section).  It seems that somehow Fast and Furious 4 managed to bring In $72.5 million for its opening weekend.


Now The Big Stig (Some say, he tugs on Superman's cape, and spits in the wind...but knows not to mess around with Jim) is very very upset about this, and who can blame him. When Vin "The Angry Potato" Diesel can draw such huge box office receipts, then we know that the sate of affairs for America's entertainment industry is only one Big Gulp away from Idiocracy levels. 

But, here's the real rub: I really like these movies. I even liked the "Tokyo Drift redneck-meets-hip-hop-saki comedy hour." These movies are fast-paced, non-stop, no-holds-barred, action-packed thrill rides. Hot women, fast cars, mind-numbing diologe; they have the whole package. I know that when I am done seeing one of these movies, I am going to drive too fast. I am going to try to talk my wife into a Ménage à Trois, and be truly surprised when I get slapped. I am going to eat a steak. I am going to do many other macho things that I can't think of at the moment, and fail miserably. It's a fact, these movies are great! I don't mean great like "Gone with the Wind" or even "Ernest goes to Camp," I mean great like "Superbad" (I am McLovin!), or "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li"  (Nash out!).

My point is this, there is a place for these movies in this society. I'm not sure if it's a $72.5 million place, but there is a place none the less. They fill a niche, a void in the world of movies. I think that these movies could very well be the last hope of an industry full of "re-makes" and un-inspired crap that tries to pawn itself off as a new idea. This franchise makes no promises for reality, no illusions of grandeur, no false hopes. Fast and Furious is just that, Fast AND furious.

All hail the ANGRY POTATO!! May he live forever and keep making movies that continue to inspire people like this guy!