da'Moose on AvP:R

AVP:R. Yeah. What can you really write about this?

"Moose! Don't give away the plot!!"

Well, I'm sorry. There were Aliens... being hunted by Predators... It's not exactly going to win any Sundance awards here. I don't know though, with Oscar-worthy lines like "The government doesn't lie to people!?", it's hard to understand how this gem got overlooked.

Why only send 1 Predator? Did he not see 2 or 3 of his fellow badasses get wtfpwn'd by these things, CAUSING the "story"? Yes, there's a Pred-alien hybrid (this isn't a give away, as you saw it happen at the end of the last movie). This should have left a clue to the Predators that "Hey, we might be a liiiiitle over our heads here".

Now with that said, there were some good parts to the movie. The character development was simple (Hello outcase_boy_01, this is insecure_girl_01 followed closely by mother_saving_daughter_03 and villian_turned_hero_01). Some people might consider this a con, but it let the story move along quickly and get back to the action without too many "hallmark" moments. This isn't a movie you'll catch on Lifetime anytime soon. The action sequences were fast paced, though with a tinge of futility, as no matter how many aliens fell, there were always 2 to take the place of each fallen.

There's still one plot hole I'm confused about though.

NOTE: There is a spoiler ahead. If you don't want to see it, stop reading now!!

Could someone explain why the town had to be evacuated after the power plant got blown up, but NOT after the frickin nuclear damn explosion in the woods obliterated the predator ship?! You think SOMEONE might have noticed that REALLY bright light and thought "Hmmmmm... Yanno Wilbur, I think that might be bad..." I get it, backwoods Colorado. People are none-too-smart. C'mon... 2 nukes in a movie is 1 nuke too many, even for the Predator series.

This movie gets 3 out of 5 antlers. Good for a Sunday afternoon, but it's not making the top 10 groundbreaking films of the year.