da'Moose on Cloverfield

Cloverfield.... Wow. This movie is what would happen if you took John McClane, Chow Yun Fat, Chuck Norris, and Jet Li, put them in a blender, hit puree, and poured the contents onto some movie cels. It is, truly, full of awesome and win. The shaking camcorder style was blatant, but didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. The theme music was almost non-existant, a la Hitchcock's "The Birds", which was a nice touch. This helped the movie seem more like the documentary they were trying to pull off, and less like a production movie. The effects and character controls were top notch for the monster, as you could really feel like you're seeing something that no one has seen before.

So, I'm sure you're all wondering the same thing I am. What is that monster?? Godzilla's deformed 2nd cousin? A giant ill-tempered mutated sea bass? Ralph Nader? What?!?! Supposedly, if you followed the viral marketing campaign, there was more backstory about Taguroto and it's mining operations that uncovered.... something... along with the whole Slush-O/parasite thing that was never really mentioned in the movie.

Many people had a gripe about the scene with the billowing cloud of smoke, dust, and asbestos rolling down the street, and it evoking strong memories of 9/11. I think it fit in well as a plot device in that particular scene. Of course, I'm wary to even mention that date, as people go insane about it anyways. *shrug*

My request to movie makers... Can you give the Brooklyn Bridge a break? You blew the crap out of it with missiles in "I am Legend" and now you break it in half with a giant monster arm. Give it a breather folks! sheesh.

*small spoilers ahead*

Honestly, I only have small gripes about this movie. I wish they would have spent a little less time in the beginning at the party, and a little more time in the field hospital scene. OK, I get it, you're filming your friend's going away party. Fine. I don't care. As far as I'm concerned you could have turned the camera on AT the party, said "Hey, this is a party" --boom and into the power outage. I would have been fine with that. That was left in, but the whole scene after Merlana or whatever her name is, pops and little things start attacking people. That was important! /sigh. Hope they put a longer scene of that in the director's cut.

Did the scriptwriters for this work on Doom as well? All the technology in the world, and the characters wouldn't/couldn't/didn't think of a friggin flashlight? Not only did they not have one, they didn't think to pick one up at the electronics store?? come again? Matches? Candles? something to make a spark and a damn torch? Huh?? I know... suspense. Perhaps it was just the yuppie New Yorker mentality, but I know if something like that went down, the first things I'd have in a bag would be a couple mag-lites, a 12 gauge, probably a Glock 23 with all the shells I can find, and some food. Of course, I also have a dose of common sense on my side. YMMV.

*end possible spoilers*

All in all, it was a kickass movie. Once the ball got rolling, it was a non-stop rollercoaster. I give it 4.5 antlers, out of 5. Definitely can't wait to see what they put on the DVD for this one.